About Los Angeles Athletic Alternative Program

Los Angeles Alternative Athletic Program, a non-profit organization also known as LAAAP was founded by Ms. Tanya Berenson, a leader and role model serving youth in various fields of special needs, athletic achievements, personal goals and has been a catalyst in creating programs for children, youth and adults utilizing fitness as the primary means of rehabilitation and overall personal success.

LAAAP is a one-of-a-kind, never before rendered collaboration between the accompaniments of clinical, physical, mental, academic and wellness program that is carefully combined to provide a fighting force against at risk demographics that have exposure to high risk for: teen pregnancy, alcohol use, troubled neighborhood with high rates of Gang activity, use of prescription, over the counter or drugs of any kind. This project was founded to be the effusion of athleticism as a form of therapeutic treatment for youth as an alternative to exposure. The name for the project was established to be Los Angeles Athletic Alternative Program by a highly acclaimed staff of physicians, certified counselors, fitness and targeted after school sports program specialists, elite academic teachers and community leaders that know the needs of our communities and the much under served areas that not only need LAAAP to make our youth in becoming healthy and happy adults.

We are honored to host LAAAP at a world class facility located at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, that has been serving the community under the leadership of 3-time Olympic Coach, 2-time Olympic Judge, Inductee to the Sports Hall of Fame and has served over 1,000,000 families while celebrating 40 years of success in forming, developing, launching and now what has become one of the leading centers for athletic success for youth in Los Angeles, Mrs. Alla Svirsky.

Launching 2015

An academic /tutoring program will be inclusive to the overall success of each applicant enrolled with LAAAP. Specialized teachers with high levels of academic experience will accompany youth & adults leading them into a field of success.

Spiritual coaching and group lessons will be offered by community leaders. Offering a place to “check-in” and receive the overall experience LAAAP was founded on. So join today and “leap Into Excellence”.

Follow the link you will find the initial application for this program . We will begin working with the very first LAAAP group to render services in this scope and one of the first of its kind in course history. Enclosed you will find the initial application for this program .

Click here to view the form.

This program requires that you have a Medical number in order to be eligible. Please complete the enclosed form and return to our offices as soon as possible. The earlier it is returned, you will be assigned a wait list number that you can render within 4-6 weeks of receipt. Click for more details