Free Gymnastics Classes through LAAAP Program

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This ground breaking program provides after-school classes for at risk youth and we are now accepting applications! The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has been serving the LA community for over 40 years and continues to do so by providing quality athletic instruction to all Los Angeles youth. If you are an individual between the age of 13-25 years old and have Medi-Cal as your primary medical insurance provider, you may qualify for 100% free services with L.A.A.A.P. free of charge. We are now accepting applications for this 100% free program for ages 13-25*

You or your child may qualify for FREE gymnastics classes if you:

  1. Are in between the ages of 13-26 years old?
  2. Have MediCal as your primary insurance provider

Call TODAY to receive 100 percent free Gymnastics Classes *Must meet eligibility requirements

Please call (310) 204-1980 for questions or to schedule an appointment.

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