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Join L.A.A.A.P. Today! This ground breaking program provides after-school classes for at risk youth and we are now accepting applications! The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has been serving the LA community for over 40 years and continues to do so by providing quality athletic instruction to all Los Angeles youth. If you are an individual between the age of 13-25 years old and have Medi-Cal as your primary medical insurance provider, you may qualify for 100% free services with L.A.A.A.P. free of charge. We are now accepting applications for this 100% free program for ages 13-25* You or your child may qualify for FREE gymnastics classes if you: Are in between the ages of 13-26 years old? Have MediCal as your primary insurance provider Call TODAY to receive 100 percent free Gymnastics Classes *Must meet eligibility requirements Please call (310) 204-1980 for questions or to schedule an appointment. Visit for more... read more

The Los Angeles Alternative Athletic Program | Helping to Sustain and Obtain

LAAAP, the Los Angeles Alternative Athletic Program is a non-profit organization founded by Ms Tanya Berenson. Ms. Berenson, director of the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics has always been passionate about the positive role that Gymnastics can play in the lives of people who may have met with hard times in their lives, particularly youth. The LAAAP program is an alternative intervention program that incorporates athletics. This enables people who are in less fortunate situations to replace negative behavior with a positive, healthy activity that they can incorporate into their daily routine in order to get on their feet. An alternative to traditional methods of intervention for at-risk youth The LAAAP is designed to be an alternative to traditional methods of intervention providing a supportive and positively re-enforced environment to participants. The program itself is a never-before-seen collaboration of various methods of treatment and intervention and includes clinical, psychological, academic, physical and overall wellness components which combine to create a very non-traditional alternative to more traditional interventions in at risk demographics. The program is the culmination of a number of Ms. Berenson’s personal passions, Tanya has spent much of her career acting as a role model to youth in the Los Angeles community and she and the team have designed the program based on this extensive experience of where their needs lie. LAAAP is uniquely designed and after going through the intake process and being accepted there is a holistic approach taken with participants. A comprehensive intake and assessment process From the very first stages of intake all areas of personal wellbeing are taken into consideration. At the first... read more

This program requires that you have a Medical number in order to be eligible. Please complete the enclosed form and return to our offices as soon as possible. The earlier it is returned, you will be assigned a wait list number that you can render within 4-6 weeks of receipt. Click for more details