Dr. Avinash Mondkar, M.D. & his beloved service Dog & “Assistant” Pasha

Medical Director
Dr. Mondkar is a loving and caring Doctor with over 35+ years of medical experience and a former parent of a successful gymnast. He is passionate about his medical career providing pro-Bono work to 3rd world countries in very remote areas by learning how to fly small planes to villages throughout the world with little or no road access to provide highly under-served regions with much needed medical attention. He is rarely found without his beloved pet “Assistant” aptly known as Pasha. She is always by his side when working with our students to provide a fun and unique experience just as LAAAP is within itself.Dr. Mondkar has been practicing interventional cardiology in Ridge-crest for more than 20 years. Stateside, he flies a 1985 Mooney M20J four-seat airplane, commuting to Ridgecrest from his practice in Beverly Hills and provides treatment to our US military women and men. He received his medical degree from the University of Mumbai, located in India, in 1971 and has a highly successful practice in Beverly Hills. We are honored to have Dr. Mondkar join our team of top notch professionals to further provide “Clinical Gymnastics” to the much needed, under-served demographics in the Los Angeles areas.