The LAAAP Program

This program requires that you have a MediCal number in order to be eligible. Please complete the enclosed form and return to our offices as soon as possible. The earlier it is returned, you will be assigned a wait list number that you can render within 4-6 weeks of receipt. Upon approval from the enclosed initial application, you will be called into our offices at the LA School of Gymnastics for eligibility and your schedule.

** LAAAP does not imply all participants will be eligible for this program, restrictions may apply.

If approved you will receive a FREE program at NO charge to you which may include tutoring/academic services, transportation, a choice of athletic activities from our programming list, spiritual coaching, individual or group sessions, anger management, time management courses, self esteem classes, and so much more! DO NOT delay, complete an initial application, tell ALL of your friends to complete an application before the program meets full capacity!

It is our honor and pleasure to ensure the success of each person visit our program and encourage you to “Leap into Success” in life!